Kanghui brand is a division within the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic plc. As a global leading player and trusted partner, Kanghui creates sustainable value for its patients, surgeons and business partners in China and other markets by offering innovative, reliable and affordable orthopedics products & services, professional education platform and efficient services.


Medtronic acquired Kanghui in 2012, making it the first Medtronic business unit headquartered outside the United States

Kanghui has 3 global R&D facilities in Changzhou, Shanghai and Memphis to accelerate innovative activities

There are 900+ employees in the division, and its business covers China and more than 50 countries outside of China


Kanghui focuses on local manufacturing excellence with high standards of manufacturing process to comply with GMP, CE Marking and RDC certification standards. Kanghui’s manufacturing sites is located in Changzhou, China.


Over 20 years since its inception as a local manufacturer, Kanghui has developed into a global orthopedics leader.

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